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Chocolate!!!! Timeless Love for all kids & adults!!!

The taste, the smell, the texture stimulate the senses and nobody can resist to them.  The Food Lab “Koxyli” has long experience to ….

Chocolate Minis


Chocolates are an endless category!

We love them because they can stop this sweet mania we have now and then, with just a couple of them! If those chocolates are sugar free, then our “sin” is a lot of innocent! The delicious ….

Hazelnut Praline Spreads


Hazelnut praline, the desire of all – younger & older!

Especially if it’s without added sugar, then the pleasure is maximized! No palm-oil added in “Kollias Family” Sugar-free hazelnut ….

Fruit Spreads


Jam is connected with the breakfast, and not only that!

It is made from fruits and is a healthy choice for the whole family. It is a food that offers a sweet taste and satisfies the need of many people for sweet without offering …

Sesame Spreads (tahini)


Dietically we find that tahini has significant amounts of polyphenols which are very powerful antioxidants.

It contains: Fiber, Polyunsaturated Plant Acids, Calcium, Iron, B & E Complex Vitamins. So if you want to enjoy all of the above, include tahini in your daily ….



Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it is an institution in every home!

“Kollias Family” Cereals cover all needs and all requirements. 9 flavors with variations: sugar-free, gluten-free, palm-free, edible fiber, low-calorie, with or without chocolate… You don’t know what to choose… Or you know! You want it all!



Fresh juices “Kollias Family” branded, without sweeteners, just with natural fruit sugars!

An unforgettable tasting experience with unique fruity combinations that will make your summer better! The natural juices “Kollias Faily” are ….

Cereal Bars


In recent years, the company Kochili has expanded its range and introduced handmade “Kollias Family” bars in its production.

Specifically 2 categories of bars: Cereal bars Gluten Free / Sugar Free and Chocolate Wafer bars. Gluten-free and sugar-free cereal bars ….


“korali” cakes – without added sugar – are handmade, with no harmful preservatives and additives.

Fluffy and delicious, in 5 favorite flavor combinations: Vanilla, Cocoa with chocolate chips, Vanilla with forest fruits, Cinnamon-Walnut & Apple-Cinnamon. In 250gr packs to take with you everywhere!



Taking into consideration that sugar only negative results causes in our body.

Food Lab “Koxyli”, in addition to products without added sugar, provides the market with sweeteners that ….