2002 our mission has started. Without being visible, the handmade chocolate magnetized us! Our first handmade chocolate is a fact and the whole family wraps chocolates.


2005   We are transferred to our privately owned facilities.Pioneers are in our nature, we see and design our next products. We understand that our mission is our food, to take care of ourselves.


2006  As a family we move nutritionally in the field of organic and so comes, of course, the first certification of Organic Products from Qways Quality Routes. We can produce for us, but also for partners certified Organic products.


2006  This year, the company is investing in a packaging machine and chocolate is being introduced into transparent nylon for the first time.It gives us maximum protection and direct vision in this “magic” product… Chocolate, roasted almonds, pistachio….visual pleasure.


2007  And the reward comes from our city, Corinth. The Innovation Award. And it becomes an important moment in our course.It becomes important for us that we can combine and offer: the pleasure through a delicious food, our desire for good health, the fact that our food affects our inside and our outside. We love our people very much and we want the best. Our mission is to put our love into our products.


2008  Ecofestival . We take part in an exhibition for the first time and start with the Ecofestival exhibition for organic products. Many exhibitions followed for us that gave us many acquaintances, knowledge and emotions.


2009  We are awarded the Best Package Award.


2012 We create another series of Organic chocolates with Greek flavors, such as lavender, thyme, mastic oil and others.


2014  This year we were very concerned about tahini and its properties. A personal need and our eyes turned for good to this super-food. With top code Tahini with Honey, Walnuts & LinenseedExcellent inspiration of the couple Martha & Panagiotis.


2015  This year we had the desire to satisfy our need for a summer species. To quench our thirst with wonderful Natural juices from Greek fruits. We choose the fruit, the glass bottle and a wonderful combination of flavors.


2018   Fruit spread, with no added sugar. One spoon and all the flavor of the fruit inside. We did a lot of tests, went through a very nice process and chose agave syrup as a fruit companionIn low content, with few calories and leaves a lot of space in the taste of the fruit.


2019  Our logo, the Shell, which includes all the calm, the color, the ingenuity of the Nautilus shell and the sea, is renewed! It is refreshing and we like it.


2020  Kollias Family for the whole family. A Logo that includes products for the whole family… for our breakfast, for snacks, for sports, for our loved ones.


2022  We go out on air with Mrs. Visarionos and the show Sweet Life and we are talking about Blueberry! Favorite, Greek and juicy fruit that gives us wonderful juices and jams.


       20 years and we go on!!