Fresh juices “Kollias Family” branded, without sweeteners, just with natural fruit sugars!

An unforgettable tasting experience with unique fruity combinations that will make your summer better! The natural juices “Kollias Faily” are 100% handmade and made from greek fruit, as if you squeezed them a while ago! Without preservatives, they ensure that your interest is maintained through a combination of flavors that will surprise you!

Ready to Drink

Aronia juice  BIΟ 250 ml


Prickly pear juice BIΟ 250 ml


Sea buckthorn juice BIΟ 250 ml


Lemon juice BIΟ 250 ml


Orange juice BIΟ 250 ml


Carob juice BIΟ 250 ml


 JUNIOR juice (8 fruits) 330ml (pet)


Orange juice 330ml (pet)


Strawberry juice  330ml (pet)


Sour cherry juice 330ml (pet)


Pinapple juice 250 ml


Sour cherry juice 250 ml

Sea buckthorn juice 250 ml

Strawberry juice 250 ml

Lemon juice 250 ml

Blueberry juice  250 ml

Orange juice 250 ml

Pomegranate juice 250 ml

Συμπυκνωμένοι Χυμοί

Concentrated Lemon juice 660 ml

Concentrated Orange juice 660 ml

Concentrated Sour cherry juice 660 ml

Concentrated Pomegranate juice 660 ml

Concentrated Pineapple juice 660 ml

Concentrated Apple juice 660 ml

Concentrated 8 fruit juice 660 ml