Company Profile

Koxyli is a Greek, Family-operated Chocolate factory, based on ethical principles and values. We have focused in the production of high quality chocolate products, having as main targets the innovation, the high quality of the products and the non-stop development.

In the Greek market, we have achieved great reception due to the high quality of our products. Our executives have more than 20 years of experience in confectionery. Our company has also gained the Innovation Award from the Chamber of Corinth in the year 2007.

The administrators of the company, with their versatility and ability, have succeeded to, not only stabilize the income of the business, but also to open new horizons into the Greek market, by producing innovative products with medicinal & nutritional elements.


Koxyli produces a variety of chocolate-based products:

  • Organic (Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Drinks).
  • No Sugar (Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Drinks, Hazelnut Spread, Sesame Seed Bars ).


Headquartered in Loutraki of Corinth, in our privately-owned and modern facilities, our company fulfills all the rules and recommendations of HACCP. Additionally, our company retains and secures the high quality by following strict rules of hygiene and by applying the ISO-22000 system. We also are certified by the “TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS” organisation for the production of the organic products.


Product categories:

Chocolate bars, chocolate bites, Cereals, Cereal Bars, Fruits Spreads, Sesame Spreads (tahini), Fresh (Ready to Drink-RTD) & Concentrated Juices, Sesame bars, Cakes.


The Company First Introduced:

  • Chocolate bars into transparent packaging
  • Chocolate sugar free products to be sold in Pharmacy Stores aimed at people with diabetes
  • Domestic production of organic chocolate
  • Domestic production of sugar free chocolates with the sweetener Stevia




The company is engaged in the production of confectionery, with an emphasis on a healthy way of living.  Our chocolates are known to consumers for many years now, due to their particular taste and their high quality (couverture).

Chocolates can be found by the brand «Koxyli», in different packages, flavors (nuts, Greek flavors like Mastiha Chios – orange, superfoods) and sizes to choose from.

The last 4 years, “Koxyli” developed its range and introduced handmade cereal bars by the brand “Kollias Family”.





A new brand, that appeals to breakfast mostly, is the “Kollias Family” which was recently launched by the company (2018). This brand represents a whole philosophy. It contains new product categories, that accompany the consumer every day to their home and table. Those products are chosen and shared with our families, our beloved ones, showing them love and care. By eating pure, healthy food, we feel confident and safe, as if we were making them with home-made recipes.


The product categories contained in this brand are:

  • Fruits Spreads & Sesame Spreads (tahini), with special tastes, pure raw materials and high nutritional value,
  • Fresh (RTD) & Concentrated Juices, by 100% real fruit,
  • Sesame Bars,
  • sugar free Hazelnut Spreads,
  • Cereals and Cereal Bars. Specifically, 2 kind of Bars: Cereal bars that are Gluten and Sugar Free and Chocolate Wafer bars.


Cereal Bars “Kollias Family” which are gluten and sugar free, have been loved in the first place for their beneficial components and their quality by “Koxyli” that all the consumers trust. These bars are raw, full of fiber & superfoods. They are a very healthy snack, that it is chosen even by athletes. They can be found in 4 flavors: Fruits, Chocolate, Sunflower Seeds & Extra Chocolate.


Chocolate Wafer bars “Kollias Family”, are produced in 4 diffreent flavors: Hazelnut Praline named “Gofrerro”,  Strawberry named “Fraoulito”, Caramel named “Caramelo” and Coconut-Chocolate named “Di-Coco”. They are loved for their fantastic and particular taste. They are handmade, crispy wafer bars with chocolate, praline and different tastes and textures that will never make you bored!