Sesame Bars (pasteli): Sesame bars are one of the healthiest and most nutritious meals you can make, especially on the go!

They fill you with energy and keep you full for a long time. That’s why “Kollias Family” sesame bars come in 5 flavors, so we’ll never get bored! Crisp sesame bar and crisp sesame bar without added sugar, for classic & traditional lovers. But also soft sesame bar with flavors like: orange-almond, fig-almond & cranberry-almond, with honey and cinnamon, which you just can’t resist!

Crunchy sesame bar (pasteli) 70g


Sesame bar with fig-honey & almonds (pasteli) 70g


Sesame bar with cranberry-honey & almonds (pasteli) 70g


Sesame bar with orange-honey & almonds (pasteli) 70g


Crunchy Sesame bar -no sugar added (pasteli) 40g